Melbourne – Home Sweet Home in Brunswick

Okay so I’m told shorter blogs would be appreciated. So here goes. I landed in Melbourne on Saturday September 9, 2017. I may or may not (definitely the former) had to buy a small carry-on suitcase to shift the weight in my luggage due to differing domestic and international baggage rules. All went smoothly thanks to H (who may or may not have held my hand through the entire process starting with lending me a baggage scale prior to arriving at the airport).

As soon as I landed I was greeted by S and T. Very kind! Our first stop, was an apartment I had arranged to see before leaving Brissy. It was so dingey and the housemates looked, shall we say a bit rough around the edges or worse for wear. Sorry, not sorry. On to the next one.

The next day I scheduled 2 appointments in the afternoon. It was a late night the evening before so I was a sleep deprived emotional wreck of a zombie. To kill time beforehand S and I decided to go 10-pin bowling (which seems to be a big thing in Australia). We then headed to house number 1. It was shall we say, better than the first apartment but not by a lot. The housemates seemed friendly but the house did not have that homey-let’s chill in the living room and netflix and  vibe. So, on to the next one.

House 3 was amazing.It was in the eastend. The housemates were so lovely! It was definitely the nicest I’d seen so far and I wouldn’t be embarrassed to bring my friends (still working on those) home. However, as may be the problem with being a millenial (not how I would define myself but that is an argument for another time) I was on the fence about committing to the house. The house was leaps and bounds ahead of the other houses I’d seen but it was still missing that glass slipper feel.

So I decided to see 2 more house on the Monday. By this time I needed to get out of my current living arrangements. While my hosts were quite generous, we were all a little bit squeezed for  space. The first house was in St. Kilda, which seems like a great area of town. Unfortunately for me, the house was lacking in many ways. There was no comfortable seating area (and as set out above, the netflix and chill sort of housemates were on my checklist).  Also (and perhaps more importantly) there was no bathroom door. I mean, I suppose that is not technically true. The door existed. Just not on hinges or in any convenient way to open and close it. So you know….. no thanks….

The second house was in a Northern inner suburb. I am told that the City and inner burbs are very divided by north, south, east and west. If you are the north side, you don’t go to the south side. I mean, obviously I will go to the south side because I am exploring and travelling but you take my point. So, back to the Northern house. The house and more importantly the housemates were perfect. As part of the interview chat we had, they asked me what I like to do in the evenings. Netflix and chill I answered. Their response – that is exactly what we like to do. Instant bonding moment, pick me, pick me (I said to myself). Followed, by a literal facebook message saying please pick me, please pick me.

They did!! So that glass slipper fit and for at least the next 2.5 months I have a place to call home and some of best housemates I could ask for 🙂

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